Essays on the Role of Content in Digital Marketing Communications
Sander, Verena
Universität Bremen: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
firm-generated content, digital content, content marketing, perceived value, social media, second-order measurement model, scale development, field experiment, paid media, owned media, earned media
In Essay I, the author develops and validates a 4-dimensional second-order measurement model including 17 items to assess consumer perceived firm-generated content value in social media. In addition, the author calculates a multi-group model, revealing that marketers should particularly pay attention to emphasize informative content on Twitter, entertaining content on Instagram, and empathic content on Facebook. Essay II includes a field experiment on Facebook. The author investigates key characteristics of Digital Content Marketing in comparison to Digital Advertising. Moreover, the author demonstrates that perceived content value significantly translates through a positive attitude toward the content into purchase intention and content post interaction intention (i.e., intentions to like, share, and comment). Essay III constitutes a systematic literature review. The author offers a synoptic framework on the impact of digital content dimensions on firm-related consequences that have been examined in the leading marketing journals during the years 2000-2019.
Essays on the Role of Content in Digital Marketing Communications
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