Strategic design of a hydrogen infrastructure under uncertainty
Ochoa Bique, Anton
Universität Bremen: Produktionstechnik
Hydrogen supply chain design, Mixed integer linear programming, Fuel infrastructures, Water electrolysis technology
Due to an increasing demand for electric energy and a decreasing amount of fossil fuel sources, renewable and clean energy systems are positioned as alternative energy supply options. A transformation of the supply of energy from fossil to renewable sources of energy is accompanied by substantial challenges such as their intermittent behavior and integrating high shares in transportation sector, which require smart transition strategies. In this thesis, special attention is given to the concept for integrating renewable energy into transportation sector through applying hydrogen-based system, given the high penetration rate of fuel cell electric vehicles into passenger transport. Mathematical modeling and optimization tools are used at the network level. A hydrogen production network defined as a supply chain is modeled and Germany is chosen as a case study due to its progressive policies towards increasing the use of renewable energy sources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
Strategic design of a hydrogen infrastructure under uncertainty