Alles nach Plan? Männliche und weibliche Lebensplanung im Sozialhilfebezug
Niemann, Heike
Universität Bremen: Sozialwissenschaften
Sozialhilfeforschung, Armutsforschung, Lebenslauf, Lebensplanung, Gender
The dissertation asks for the role of social assistance in life-plannings. The results show on the one hand that social assistance can be an element of active life-planning as well as an element of a subjective normal biography. However, for those faced with long lasting problems, social assistance constitutes no aid. Here structural obstacles like the situation at the labour market, a low level of qualification or the age of the individual limits the opportunities to constitute one´s own life.A second empirical chapter asks for gender differences of life-planning. A first look at the causes for social assistance shows (well-known) differences between men and women: family reasons lead to social assistance for women only, whereas unemployment is a way in social assistance for both sexes. Taking into account the subjective perspective of the individuals the dissertation proves, that Gender is not basically relevant in life-plannings. Gender is aligned with the actual biographical situation, age and leading orientations for action. The differences as well as the similarities between and within the genders can be explained in this way.
Alles nach Plan? Männliche und weibliche Lebensplanung im Sozialhilfebezug
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