Local Coordination for Interpersonal Communication Systems

Kutscher, Dirk
Universität Bremen: Informatik/Mathematik
local coordination, message-oriented coordination, component-based systems, multimedia conferencing, endpoint architecture, Message Bus, SDPng
The decomposition of complex applications into modular units is anacknowledged design principle for creating robust systems and forenabling the flexible re-use of modules in new applicationcontexts. Typically, component frameworks provide mechanisms and rulesfor developing software modules in the scope of a certain programmingparadigm or programming language and a certain computing platform. Forexample, the JavaBeans framework is a component framework for thedevelopment of component-based systems -- in the Java environment.In this thesis, we present a light-weight, platform-independentapproach that views a component-based application as a set of ratherloosely coupled parallel processes that can be distributed on multiplehosts and are coordinated through a protocol. The core of ourframework is the Message Bus (Mbus): an asynchronous, message-orientedcoordination protocol that is based on Internet technologies andprovides group communication between application components.Based on this framework, we have developed a local coordinationarchitecture for decomposed multimedia conferencing applications thatis designed for endpoint and gateway applications. One element of thisarchitecture is an Mbus-based protocol for the coordination of callcontrol components in conferencing applications.
C.2.4, C.2.2 , C.2.5, C.2.6, D.2.13, D.2.12, H.4.3
Local Coordination for Interpersonal Communication Systems
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